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Quotes about the topic of "Age"

"I just yesterday returned from a trip where I photographed a woman with two children whom I photographed first when she was the age of the older of the two children." - Jock Sturges
Quote from Jock Sturges about Age
"You live in a deranged age, more deranged that usual, because in spite of great scientific and technological advances, man has not the faintest idea of who he is or what he is doing." - Walker Percy
Quote from Walker Percy about Age
"To write a story about New York that only deals with people in your age and socioeconomic bracket, that feels dishonest to me. So much of New York comes from everyone bumping into each other." - Josh Radnor
Quote from Josh Radnor about Age
"My mother inspired me to treat others as I would want to be treated regardless of age, race or financial status." - Tommy Hilfiger
Quote from Tommy Hilfiger about Age
"And from the first time I picked up a basketball at age eight - I had a lot of difficulty when I first picked up a basketball, because I was a scrub - there were things that I liked about it." - Julius Erving
Quote from Julius Erving about Age
"Right up until the time I retired at age 37, I felt like there were still things that I could do better." - Julius Erving
Quote from Julius Erving about Age
"In 1981, at age 31, I was voted the best player in basketball, and the most valuable player in the league." - Julius Erving
Quote from Julius Erving about Age
"The great thing about arriving at this age is that I don't even care about my career anymore." - Ron Perlman
Quote from Ron Perlman about Age
"Almost all of your life is lived by the seat of your pants, one unexpected event crashing into another, with no pattern or reason, and then you finally reach a point, around my age, where you spend more time than ever looking back. Why did this happen? Look where that led? You see the shape of things." - Ron Perlman
Quote from Ron Perlman about Age
"I've always been intrigued by color and by interesting hair. I was one of those weird little girls doing my own hair at the age of 9. I was, like, getting weird gels and new brushes and cornrow holders. I would tweak and perm at the age of 13." - Nicki Minaj
Quote from Nicki Minaj about Age
"There are no college courses to build up self-esteem or high school or elementary school. If you don't get those values at a early age, nurtured in your home, you don't get them." - T. D. Jakes
Quote from T. D. Jakes about Age
"The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next." - Matthew Arnold
Quote from Matthew Arnold about Age
"If children are not introduced to music at an early age, I believe something fundamental is actually being taken from them." - Luciano Pavarotti
Quote from Luciano Pavarotti about Age
"Middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist begin to change places." - E. Joseph Cossman
Quote from E. Joseph Cossman about Age
"As an American, you have a right to good health care that is effective, accessible, and affordable, that serves you from infancy through old age, that allows you to go to practitioners and facilities of your choosing, and that offers a broad range of therapeutic options." - Andrew Weil
Quote from Andrew Weil about Age
"Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security. It is one of the most important safety nets for American women in old age, or in times of disability, to insure financial income for their families." - Barbara Mikulski
Quote from Barbara Mikulski about Age
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"Low levels of vitamin D in the population as a whole suggest that most people need to take a vitamin D supplement. This may be especially true for seniors, as the ability to synthesize vitamin D in the skin declines with age." - Andrew Weil
Quote from Andrew Weil about Age
"Part of the reason I sort of shot out like a cannon out of Michigan and left home at such an early age is because I had to feel independent." - Madonna Ciccone
Quote from Madonna Ciccone about Age
"I think that everyone at any age should ask themselves, 'where do I want to be today, where do I want to be tomorrow, and where do I want to be in a hundred years?' We all have clear answers to those questions. We only have so much time. It's a real shame if we don't spend our lives trying to do that." - Jack Antonoff
Quote from Jack Antonoff about Age
"My parents got married late and they had kids late, so I never felt a social or cultural thing to be married or pregnant or a homeowner by a certain age." - Anna Kendrick
Quote from Anna Kendrick about Age
"I'm a pretty big dork. It's crazy. I'm one of those people who grew up with all kinds of musicals, but I was right at that age where 'Rent' was a big deal for me and for my friends." - Anna Kendrick
Quote from Anna Kendrick about Age
"My parents were really, really cool about supporting what I wanted to do at a really young age. I think I was about 10 when I caught the bug. They would drive me down to New York if there were auditions. When I was 12, I did this show on Broadway called 'High Society,' so we moved to New York for the run of that." - Anna Kendrick
Quote from Anna Kendrick about Age
"I was very sexual from a very young age." - Portia de Rossi
Quote from Portia de Rossi about Age
"It is a sobering thought that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years." - Tom Lehrer
Quote from Tom Lehrer about Age
"And I'm not as young as I once was. At my age, I don't have time to be bored." - Lev Grossman
Quote from Lev Grossman about Age
"I was drafted into the Army when I was 19 and came out at age 22. Most people that I knew didn't think they'd come home alive. I didn't think I would either, so I was happy when I did." - Ed Koch
Quote from Ed Koch about Age
"One already feels like an anachronism, writing novels in the age of what-ever-this-is-the-age-of, but touring to promote them feels doubly anachronistic. The marketplace is showing an increasing intolerance for the time-honored practice of printing information on paper and shipping it around the country." - Lev Grossman
Quote from Lev Grossman about Age
"To own the dominant, or only, newspaper in a mid-sized American city was, for many decades, a kind of license to print money. In the Internet age, however, no one has figured out how to rescue the newspaper in the United States or abroad." - Eric Alterman
Quote from Eric Alterman about Age
"I grew up loving horses. I was relatively obsessed, starting with my rocking horse at age 2, all the way through my painting and drawing phase." - Diane Lane
Quote from Diane Lane about Age
"I was equally in love with singing and acting from an early age." - Minnie Driver
Quote from Minnie Driver about Age