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Quotes about the topic of "Experience"

"Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards." - Soren Kierkegaard
Quote from Soren Kierkegaard about Experience
"The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein
Quote from Albert Einstein about Experience
"Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." - C. S. Lewis
Quote from C. S. Lewis about Experience
"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." - Oscar Wilde
Quote from Oscar Wilde about Experience
"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way." - Mark Twain
Quote from Mark Twain about Experience
"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." - Abraham Lincoln
Quote from Abraham Lincoln about Experience
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin about Experience
"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing." - Oscar Wilde
Quote from Oscar Wilde about Experience
"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." - Eleanor Roosevelt
Quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about Experience
"Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process." - Sai Baba
Quote from Sai Baba about Experience
"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. about Experience
"Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print experience is what you get when you don't." - Pete Seeger
Quote from Pete Seeger about Experience
"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." - Douglas Adams
Quote from Douglas Adams about Experience
"The years teach much which the days never know." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson about Experience
"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude." - Ralph Marston
Quote from Ralph Marston about Experience
"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." - John W. Gardner
Quote from John W. Gardner about Experience
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"A woman's life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience." - Wallis Simpson
Quote from Wallis Simpson about Experience
"I made decisions that I regret, and I took them as learning experiences... I'm human, not perfect, like anybody else." - Queen Latifah
Quote from Queen Latifah about Experience
"You cannot create experience. You must undergo it." - Albert Camus
Quote from Albert Camus about Experience
"Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again." - Andre Gide
Quote from Andre Gide about Experience
"When you have really exhausted an experience you always reverence and love it." - Albert Camus
Quote from Albert Camus about Experience
"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." - John Keats
Quote from John Keats about Experience
"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." - Auguste Rodin
Quote from Auguste Rodin about Experience
"Experience is the teacher of all things." - Julius Caesar
Quote from Julius Caesar about Experience
"If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we'd all be millionaires." - Abigail Van Buren
Quote from Abigail Van Buren about Experience
"Experience teaches only the teachable." - Aldous Huxley
Quote from Aldous Huxley about Experience
"Experience enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again." - Franklin P. Jones
Quote from Franklin P. Jones about Experience
"Bitter experience has taught us how fundamental our values are and how great the mission they represent." - Jan Peter Balkenende
Quote from Jan Peter Balkenende about Experience
"Experience - the wisdom that enables us to recognise in an undesirable old acquaintance the folly that we have already embraced." - Ambrose Bierce
Quote from Ambrose Bierce about Experience
"Conviction without experience makes for harshness." - Flannery O'Connor
Quote from Flannery O'Connor about Experience