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Quotes about the topic of "Marriage"

"There's lots of problem solving in any marriage, but when you have this collective goal that is a human being, it's an inspiring rally point." - Ty Burrell
"To say I drank my way into marriage isn't much of an exaggeration, and it's none at all to say I drank my way out of it." - Lawrence Block
"Marriage: love, honor, and negotiate." - Joe Moore
"I've learned this is a very long marriage doing a television show. I like the people that I work with to be people I enjoy, so you want to cast people who are as excited and enthusiastic as you are." - Shonda Rhimes
"I am a firm believer in marriage. In the future I will be married." - Elisabetta Canalis
"Marriage is one of the most sacred human institutions. I asked our Senators, as many South Dakotans have done, to protect marriage as a union between a man and a woman." - Mike Rounds
"Other than marriage, she doesn't control me and I don't control her." - Gavyn Davies
"My wife disagrees with 100 percent of what I say. That's the same marriage I have." - Curtis Sliwa